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Wood pellets
from Poland

We deal with the distribution of a wide range of products. Our pellets are produced from local, natural sources, with minimal environmental impact. It then warms the houses in the UK, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and many other countries.

High quality pellets for animals

100% ecological, very absorbent, biodegradable. It absorbs the smells exceptionally and helps keeping litter box clean.

We supply beech pellets, the most popular and requested type on the market. In addition we also treat pellets of: coniferous, fir, pine, oak, ash

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Polish Pellet Group deals with the distribution of a wide range of construction products and are operational in several countries in Europe. We offer a complete range of pellets to meet every need. Our wood pellet is of excellent quality at competitive prices. With many years of experience behind, our staff guarantee excellent quality of the products. Our strength is the extremely competitive price, but not only. The satisfaction of the customers who have worked with us is the main reason why you should consider us.


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